On April 3rd, seven Big Oil CEOs met with President Trump to request a government handout during the coronavirus pandemic.

The industry isn’t just asking for cash. They’re already hard at work implementing “backdoor bailouts” in the form of tax relief, the gutting of environmental protections, and more. 

These bailouts aren’t designed to help workers in the industry. They’re about lining the pockets of billionaire CEOs. 

Bailout money should support people, not polluters. 

That’s why we’ve started to compile a list of all the ways that the oil and gas industry has been profiteering off of the coronavirus crisis. 

These actions endanger public health, threaten our communities (especially those on the frontlines of this crisis), and contribute to the ongoing climate emergency. 

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p.s. If you’re looking for more fossil fuel industry misdeeds, check out the list Drilled News has been compiling.

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